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Optimized Hosting for Drupal

Standing strong as one of the top content management systems in the world, Drupal offers a flexible platform that can create any type of website. Build everything from simple portfolios to membership and e-commerce stores.

  • No Limits on Traffic, Domains and Websites
  • Achieve sub-second load around the world from Global CDN.
  • Free SSL Encryption with Let's Encrypt 1-Click Installer

Enterprise Drupal CMS Hosting, For powerful Drupal platform

Dedicated Firewalls

Our platform level firewalls are the answer to get unrivaled protection from all kinds of threats and attacks.

Automated Backups

Schedule automatic backups at regular intervals (every 1 hour to every 7 days) for complete peace of mind or take backups on demand.

Built-in Caches

With advanced cache options like Memcached, Redis and Varnish, you now get unbeatable performance for your Drupal.

1-Click App Launch

In just 1-Click you can now launch more than 10 apps on a single hosting server without any hassles.

SSH and SFTP Access

Via SSH and SFTP, you can access servers and update applications securely. You can also create SFTP credentials for your team.

Application & Server Cloning

You have the option to clone an entire server or make individual application copies in just 1-Click. All files and databases are copied to the staging URL.

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